End of Tenancy Cleaning

In most of the cases nowadays you are asked to perform an end of tenancy cleaning in Greenwich right before you leave the rented property. The main goal of this whole thing is said to be the returning of the whole accommodation in the condition you found it when you first moved in and it turns out to be pretty stressful and very tense. But this is not the only thing you should do before you move out, you have to pack, unpack, transport, arrange and so on and all these make the move out a total disaster. And, however, you may think that this is not so hard and you can cope with it, so you may try washing every window and polishing every surface, but most probably you will still fail in the end, because what is expected is not a normal cleaning.

And that is why nowadays hiring a cleaning company turns out to be the preferred option, simply because the professionals clean up more skillfully and most importantly – more successfully.

Saving a lot of time and energy, which are pretty important these days, is maybe the best advantage of hiring an experienced cleaning team. The result would be amazing and the money you will spend not so much. And we from Greenwich Cleaners promise you a sure inspection pass, as we have every possible checklist they may use and we always perform the clean-up they expect. However, if you are still not absolutely convinced, cast a glance at one of those many checklists and you will realize that this is a task beyond the strengths of an unprofessional. Here are some of the places that are mostly inspected.

End of Tenancy Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen – this is most probably the first place you go into in the morning and the last one you leave before you go to bed, but still it is full of bacteria and grease. That is why our professional clean-up will include every part of the kitchen except for the oven, which requires some more time and energy and special cleaning products as well.

End of Tenancy Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom – this is another room where too many bacteria could be found, so we start cleaning by disinfecting absolutely every place – the tiles, the sink, the toilet bowl, the walls. Because of the high-quality detergents we use, we promise that your bathroom will shine and even the lime scale will be gone.