What do you use your attic for? If I have to guess, I would most probably say, that you have that spacious room you turn out to store all the unnecessary stuff in, and I would be right. We all have the attics, or their perfect supplements the basements. Nothing fancy and nothing special can be found there – no furniture and no decorations, a few shelves only and things, too much things. If you listen to the modern interior designers, they will try to convince you that you don’t need such a room at all, that keeping clutter is one of the biggest mistakes of the people of our generation and for this reason psychologists call the modern people keepers, we don’t really like the idea of losing something or someone. However, I am sure that no matter what other people are telling you and what kind of advice they are giving you, you will still have an attic and it will be still full of belongings you rarely use and if we have to be honest and concrete, we undoubtedly have to mention that this attic will be dusty and dirty, because as it is not one of the most visited room, you are cleaning it rarely, or more accurately, you are never cleaning it. And this, my dear friends, has to be changed, because if you want to store something there efficiently, your habits should be a little bit different.
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