About Greenwich Cleaners

Our service is suitable and bespoke

Before you even arrange an appointment we would be happy to hear all about your specific requirements and personal needs, because we would love to offer you the service you really want. Most of our customers are often busy and have almost no time at all to take care of their big and beautifully designed houses, but this is right where we jump in and we are ready to cope with every kind of situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime and we will offer you more than amazing service. And only thus you will be able to focus on the actual move out and not on the cleaning, or you will be able to simply sit and relax.

Flexible services

Fitting the end of tenancy cleaning in the busy schedule is not that easy these days and we know this perfectly well, just like we are aware of the fact that our clients have challenging and time-consuming jobs. That is why we offer flexible cleaning hours and we will arrive at the moment when it is most convenient for you. And the good news is that not only our cleaning hours are flexible, but our prices as well. So don’t wonder anymore and call us anytime. In the end, you will pay only what you have settled for and not a penny more. And our cleaning experts may answer all your questions and concerns. So we are looking forward to your custom!

Absolutely secure and legal cleaners

No one likes letting unfamiliar people at home and this all is completely understandable, but we want to assure you that Greenwich Cleaners are legal, reliable and trustworthy, so we guarantee that your home will be cleaned expertly. If you are looking for a professional and legitimate cleaning service in Greenwich, then call our team right now. We promise you impressive results and total contentment!